Callpop for Dental


Increase your team's efficiency & effectiveness with Callpop's smart caller ID, review collection & call analytics

Callpop was truly created with our customers in mind. Unlike other solutions, we don't require you to switch phone systems, push a lengthy contract or delete reviews if you choose to discontinue.


Improve team productivity

Improve team productivity

With our smart caller ID 'popup' your team can instantly view patient & family member appointments & history, insurance details, balances and notes on incoming calls. Filter out sales calls and send auto text responses from your desktop. Your phone calls, scheduling and balance collection becomes more efficient.

Enhance the patient experience

Enhance the patient experience

With robo calls at an all-time high, patients are 50% less likely to answer calls. Communicate how & when they want to communicate with our two-way texting capabilities - right from your desktop. Create 'quick texts' to send welcome messages & reminders to create and maintain a personalized relationship.

Grow Your Practice

Grow Your Practice

With Callpop, it's easier than ever to collect on outstanding balances, share positive patient reviews and reduce no-show rates by up to 80%. Our system helps you increase profitability and improve your online visibility with prospective customers.

Simply Connect Callpop Device

How it Works

Connect Your Phone

Step One: Easily Connect Your Phone System

Our software works with your practice's existing phone system. Simply connect the Callpop device to your phone and power it up.

Premium Caller ID
Connect Your Practice

Step Two: Quickly Connect Your Practice Management Solution

Install the Callpop app on your computer and follow the simple steps to complete installation.

Enhance Your Team

Step Three: Enhance Your Team Productivity & Patient Experience

Good news! Once you're setup, this step happens automatically. With better visibility into caller & patient information your team can quickly schedule patients, send reminders and collect on balances in a matter of moments.

2-way text messaging

Added value at your fingertips

Thumbs Up

Build Your Online Reviews

Quickly & easily request and gather patient reviews without breaking your back.

Run a Better Practice

Get admin access to call analytics and personnel call histories and gain a greater understanding of new vs. existing patient interaction and flows.

Flexible Pricing

We offer Month-to-Month pricing and discounted annual contracts. Schedule a demo to learn more about how Callpop is built with your needs front and center.
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